About Us

KJPP Billy Anthony Lie & Rekan was previously known as PT Bahana Klasamas Prasetya, a registered public appraisers and consultants firm. Established in 1985, PT Bahana Klasamas has been a member of GAPPI (Indonesian Appraisal Companies Association) and MAPPI (Indonesian Society of Appraisers).

In September 2008, a new law regarding the legal entity of appraisal company was introduced in Indonesia hence PT Bahana Klasamas Prasetya has changed the company entity to KJPP (Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik) public appraisal company in accordance with the new law.

PT Bahana Klasamas Prasetya / KJPP Billy Anthony Lie & Rekan is listed as one of the supporting professions to the capital market for property appraisal of the listed companies in Indonesia. We are also listed as panel of appraisers for the State-owned Asset Management Company (PPA). We have provided valuation services to government, private and foreign banks, private and public listed clients.

In conducting our valuation assignments we always adhere to the Indonesian Valuation Standards (SPI) and the Code of Ethics of Indonesian Valuers (KEPI).

Mission Statement:

To provide professional property valuation services to our Clients.
To minimize risks and to realize maximum benefits on our Clients’ investments.